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March 2023

Classroom Curriculum Guidelines

Orange & Green


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  • Week 1:

    • Dr. Seuss Week: We will use Dr. Seuss to create fun and colorful projects and learn about rhyming!

  • Week 2:

    • St. Patrick's Week: What 2 colors make green?! This week will be about crafting and creating decorations and working on our fine motor skills.

    *3/17 We will have our St. Patrick's Day party!


  • Week 3:

    • First Day of Spring Week: Let's celebrate the changing of the season. The kids will talk about what indicates changing to spring, are there new animals we will see? What starts to grow in the spring?

  • Week 4:

    • Fun with Colors Week: This week the kids will learn about primary colors, which colors can you mix to make a new color, and more! Have any broken crayons at home? Bring them in and we can make new ones!

Our Programs:

Hippos- Ages 6wks-12mo

Owls- 12mo-2yrs

Giraffes- 2yrs

Elephants- 2-3 years (or until potty trained after 3)

Monkeys- 3-5 years (must be potty trained)

Lions- 4-5 years (must be potty trained)


Creative Curriculum:  

The Creative Curriculum includes developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for children within four main categories of interest: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language.

The Creative Curriculum helps teachers interact with children in ways that promote development and learning, foster children's social competence, support children's learning through play, create rich environments for learning, and forge strong home-school connections.