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June 2022

Classroom Curriculum Guidelines

Purple & Green


Bathroom - bano

Spanish Word



K & L


  • Week 1:

    • Monarch Week: There are so many people who are collecting and hatching Monarchs as they turn into butterflies and get ready for the great migration south! We will learn what they eat, how they change, and where they go. 

  • Week 2:

    • Body Parts Week: Let's learn all about our bodies! We will make fun crafts, learn new songs, and try to name some things in Spanish!

  • Week 3:

    • Autumn Week: Celebrate the first day of fall, 9-22, talk about what happens in the fall, and changing of the season crafts!

  • Week 4:

    • Apples Week: Johnny Appleseed day is September 26th! From tiny seed to mighty tree, we will learn the growing process, and we will have a fun apple theme week.  

  • Week 5:

    • Honey: It's national honey month! Let's learn, taste, smell, and touch honey this week! We will use our senses and expand our brains with the knowledge of where honey comes from!

Our Programs:

Hippos- Ages 6wks-12mo

Owls- 12mo-2yrs

Giraffes- 2yrs

Elephants- 2-3 years (or until potty trained after 3)

Monkeys- 3-5 years (must be potty trained)

Lions- 4-5 years (must be potty trained)


Learning Beyond: 

Learning Beyond's Lesson Plans and Daily Activities are carefully crafted to meet the development needs of each and every child .  Learning activities are presented in a meaningful way, and every activity is linked to early childhood Standards for each age group.

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